Environment & Safety

AK Homes is strongly committed to the promotion of safe working practices in the Construction of Civil Engineering Projects; at par with the best practices of the Construction Industry.

Environment, Health and Safety are treated as an integral element of Construction Management and hence Safety, Quality and Productivity shall go hand in hand. It is our target to achieve the highest standards of Health and Safety, and to effectively control all risks that could result in accidental and incidental loss.

All employees of the AK Homes are required to:
•             Follow defined procedures with self discipline and work safely at all times
•             Encourage safe behaviour among their colleagues
•             Participate actively in safety programmes and put the acquired knowledge into practice
•             Take appropriate actions to protect air, water, animal and plant life
Consequently we aspire to attain high standards through a process of continuous improvement and the adoption of Indian Codes and Standards where practicable.

Employees with Managerial Responsibility play a key role in our Environmental, Health and Safety Culture and are required to:
•             Include Environmental, Health and Safety in the planning stage of all work activities
•             Conduct assessments of risks for all work operations
•             Provide a high degree of Safety promotion and carry out the appropriate health and safety    training as               part of the Joint Venture's training programme
•             Act as a role model by personally contributing to the safety programme
•             Assign responsibilities and hold people accountable for their performance
•             Ensure that weaknesses are eliminated and improvements rapidly implemented
AK Homes intends to meet these commitments by ensuring that safe working practices and procedures are adopted, which comply with the requirements of the health and safety legislation and best practices in India. The general and specific arrangements for achieving these objectives are contained in the site Environment, Health and Safety Plan.

Special procedures are followed at the building construction sites to minimize pollution.

Committed to environment and safety of the individuals, we strictly adopt the following measures :
•Our work force follows safety discipline while performing any operation.
•For most of our civil construction work, we install shuttering with safety platforms for the operators/workers to work safely giving them enough room, this also improves their efficiency.
•No one is allowed to enter the project area without the safety devices viz. Safety Belts, Helmets, Safety Harness, Welding glasses, Safety shoes etc, as per the requirements of his trade.
•Our entire workforce at site follows strict dress code for easy identification.
•All our workers / staff working at the sites are insured as per statutory requirement
•We operate our own kitchens at sites to ensure good quality food at all times to our workforce in order to provide them nourishment.
•All our people, without exceptions go through rigorous medical check up before they are mobilized to the sites and periodically also while on the projects to rule out any ailment if detected they are suitably treated.